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Move to Ål

Do you dream of living somewhere with nature in your backyard? Do you want to breathe fresh air and be surrounded by wide open spaces? Then you are welcome to Ål!

Read our guide to "Life in Ål"  

Contact information:

The Municipality of Ål warmly welcomes new inhabitants from Norway and abroad.

We can assist in finding information about housing, job opportunities, schools and other public services.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact project manager of the «Bulyst project», Anne Nordheim: anne.nordheim@aal.kommune.no  

Why Ål?

Ål combines the best of rural life in the Norwegian mountains with a vibrant cultural life and a wide range of activity offers. Here, you can have:   

  • Lower cost of living than in many urban areas – e.g. reduced housing costs, which enables you to spend more time and money on the matters that are important to you.
  • Schools, kindergartens, health services, culture and shopping all located in the local area. No rush hours, traffic jams or commuting!
  • Varied job opportunities and low unemployment
  • A good environment for entrepreneurs and those who want to create their own workplace
  • Ål is in the middle of "everything": Daily trains and buses will take you to Oslo and Bergen inn aproximately 3 hours. 
  • A friendly local community where new inhabitants are warmly welcome. 

Make the move

Before moving to Ål (/Norway) you should read the Immigration information from the UDI, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

Also, the NAV Eures portal is a good source of information regarding work in Norway. 

Job opportunities

Most vacancies in Ål are advertised at Jobb i Hallingdal.

Available positions in the Municipality of Ål can be found here.

Companies in Ål appreciate to be contacted even if they do not have advertised positions. Maybe you have the skills they need. Contact us and we will help you find companies that suits your skills.

Health personell 

The health care services in Ål are of high quality and we are always looking for more people who would like to work with us. 

Below, you can hear Dutch nurse Thea Westfaal and Dutch midwife Maike Smit share their experiences with living and working in Norway. 



In Ål, most houses for rent are advertised on these Facebook groups:

Leie bolig Hallingdal
Leie i Hallingdal

Also, the listings page Finn.no has houses, apartments and plots for sale and rent. 

As well as houses, there are many cabins in the more rural and remote parts of the municipality. Renting a cabin for a short while could be a first step in moving to Ål whilst looking for a permanent housing option. 

Cabin rentals in Ål. 

Children and young people 

Want to know more about the Norwegian education system? On the website "Life in Norway" you will find an informative article.  

In Ål, there are four primary schools and five kindergartens. There is one secondary school (high school) and one college. 

Read more about the schools here (in Norwegian)

The Culture School is an extra curriculumn offer after school. Here children and young people can practice instruments, dance and arts. 

Read about Ål Kulturskule (the culture school) here

Want to know more?

Read our brochure about life in Ål

Our get in touch by using the contact information above.